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David McDiarmid is a Glasgow-based artist working predominantly in the fields or painting, model-making and installation. Born in Paisley, he grew up in Ayr and studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen where he graduated in Painting. Since then, McDiarmid has relocated to Glasgow with a studio at Crownpoint in the East End.

McDiarmid’s practice seeks to examine the concept of megalomania in architecture; the means by which the built environment is often purposefully designed, constructed and used as a tool for power and propaganda.

Many of McDiarmid’s paintings and models play with ideas of scale and form, taking inspiration from historical examples of power architecture in order to depict ambitious plans and proposals for structures which will never exist in reality.

Scaffolding is a recurring motif in McDiarmid’s work, its significance derived from its paradoxical position as both a fundamentally temporary structure, and its irrevocable status throughout the history of construction, where conceptually it time and again outlasts the permanent structures derived from it.

Contact: dmcdiarmid90@gmail.com